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{March 19, 2008}   Bored.. and loving it

so, I am now in my drafting class, where we design houses and stuff. Of course, knowing me, i am ahead of others so i dont have anything to do. i would do my yearbook homework, but there is no point, because i am ahead in that class as well. Same with my art design course. its crazy.

I am not sure what I should really talk about haha. I am just so bored and there is nothing to do. I should actually start my morph process.. i guess i will tell  you if anything exiting happens.. i will try to write again every day.. talk to you later

Wow.. I have no idea where to start on this. Its a tough one. Some people might think that I am over protected or worry to much. Some people think I am too clingy, but I am sorry. That is how I roll. I cant help what I do. I cant help how I feel.

Last Sunday. I got the say off. It would be my last sunday with my brother in law and sister in law. Mom and dad would be coming home soon. Happy as can be. I finished all my homework. Nothing to worry about.

Last Monday. Well, I had to go to work. I get there and my boss is there. Where is Alicia? I am supposed to work with my favourite pal. Oh, she must be sick. My boss, Dorothy has a concerned look on her face. “I tried to reach you” she said. A pause. “What happened?Where is Alicia?” I ask now worried. “She got in a really bad car accident” I gasp. “OMG is she ok?” I ask almost in tears. “She is in the hospital in London.” I start crying. “She wont be out for at least three months.” She said. I hold onto the counter. My friend, who is like a sister is in the hospital. I was scared. I already lost one sister. I dont want to lose another one. I went home. I couldnt work. My boss drove me home. I sat and cried at home.

Last Tuesday. Cant stop thinking about Alicia. Hoping she is ok. I get in touch with Brittany, Alicias sister and gave her a message to give to Alicia. Homework from school. Lots of it. Kept me really busy and up late.

Last Wednesday. I get a response from Brittany. She is doing ‘fine’. She loved the message. Lots of homework from school. Up late again.

Last Thursday. Nothing happened. Boring. Still thinking about Alicia.

Last Friday. Alicia is home!! A miracle. She is home and doing ‘fine’. Wow. That is amazing! Happy but still sad, because I wont be working with her.

Last Saturday. Working with Keisha at work. Wishing Alicia was there.

And so on.. I just found out that she wont be able to walk for at least 5 months which really sucks because I miss her alot.

Lets see.. what else.. OH YEAH.. mom and dad got home from their cruise. Well, it made headlines. 100 poeple and 6 crew members became ill. Great. Guess what. Mom was one of them. But thats not all. Dad has a hernia. GREAT! My friend almost died and now my dad has a hernia? NO!

Hm.. school is fine i guess.. its hard to concentrate but i am able to do it. Its hard to say what my marks are at right now. I could care less. I know I am doing well though. I have handed everything in, so I am good.

Well, thats it for now. I have a bunch more to say.. but oh well.. i am tired of writing.. talk to you later.

{February 21, 2008}   Say what??

ok, so I am on the go right now, so i cant write alot. Right now, it is 6:48am in the morning and I am waiting for the shower. How lame. I have to be eating breakfast at 7am and hopefully out by 7:15 and driving to the bus stop. There, I will buy my hot chocolate and wait with the other kids for the bus that will then take us to courtland, which we then transfer to anohter bus and stop in langton and go on from there to my school. Apporximate time of both busrides:1.5 hours. The time is takes to drive straight there: 15 minutes. The ride on the bus: Priceless. We have soo much fun on the bus. Imean, yesterday I was playing bloody knuckles and yeah.. something happened to my hand and now it is swollen! How nice!

Lets see.. mom and dad are not in town right now. They decided to go on a cruise to Mexico this year.. i dont remember where they went last year.. was it Hawaii?? Oh well, I dont remember :S

School is going great. you know.. half the school knows me now.. its great! My classes are drafting, art design and yearbook class. Great classes!

Anyways I have to go! I am a bit late on schedule today!

{February 5, 2008}   a new life and a new school

well, i am now in my architechture class and i am supposed to be working on making a house for my class, instead i am on here. UNFORTUNATELY, you cannot go on facebook so i am dying. I have met many new people and have become close to others. its alot of fun in the valley and i cant wait for the next coule of days! I’ll try to keep in touch!!


So, at the moment, I am filling out my withdrawl from Glendale High. I am technically GONE! I am not a student at this school anymore! I feel so great! I mean, dude, I am done at this school! I dont have to worry about it ANYMORE! I mean, yes i will miss my friends and I do have alot of good memories but I know I will get new ones in the couple of months that I and there for.  I shall go now as this will be my last post from Glendale High.  Chao!

{January 24, 2008}   Accidental Death? He did what?

So, geez where do I start.

On Tuesday, I was asked to go for a ride with a friend after school then he would drop me off at work becuase I had to work. Turns out work was cancelled becuase of the blizzard but that didnt stop us from going cruising. So, my friend and I went out cruising on the roads and to our surprise, they were much more slipprier than we thought they were and the car was in front wheel drive so.. you know.. um.. he tried doing some drifting and we ended up in the ditch and we almost rolled the car. That was quiet fun.. heh heh.

Then, we decided to go to Tim Hortins and get a coffee and we headed back to his house afterwards. So we watched Grandmas Boy and American Gangster and then had supper at his house then headed to the theatre to watch Cloverfeild BUT cloverfeild was having technical difficulties so we watched 27 dresses.. great movie! I made a guy sit through it! It was great!! And that was the exitment for Tuesday!!

{January 22, 2008}   An Eye For an Eye??

So, I was in a little shpeel yesterday (is that how you spell it??) I was on my spare and somehow we got on the topic of something rather and it became a game and we started to throw things at each other. More or less, we threw rings, pencils, and hard things.. it did hurt after a while.. but then out of the blue, when i was sitting on the table, and a pencil flew at my head. of course, out of defence, she ran away… well when she came back, she got a slap to the head as a joke and what does she do back?? She shoves me into the foosball table and the popped out stick that moves the characters jabbed me in the gut up by my ribs.. of course, it hurt.. ALOT and now the girl isnt talking to me..

 Yeah, I have a bruise.. but it was all fun and games.. she can apologize.. i am not going to mawl her (yet:P)

{January 17, 2008}   My 8 Step Guide to Transferring

So, its getting closer each day for me transferring schools. I am exited, nervous, hopeful and happy all at the same time. I mean, yes, I am going to miss everyone here and it is going to be different because the school is smaller and I am going to have to take a bus as well. Anyways, here is my 8 step guide to transferring:

 Step 1: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Dum dum dee dum.. it reminds me of the song haha. Should I stay at Glendale High because I have bad influence, or should I go to another school and start over new? Hmm.. that is a big question. I have had that in my mind for a long time and after lots of questioning it, its worth the move.

Step 2: Some Good Reasons

Some good reasons on transferring. Well, I do have alot of friends at Valley (the school I am tranferring to) and they have better opportunities and better courses. I know it will be better to go to another school. Yes, I only have one semester left until I graduate, but I am willing to change schools if it takes me failing one exam.

Step 3: Is It the Right Time?

Is there any other better time? I am leaving after school and I wont be back so why not just do it now. I have wanted to change schools for a while, and now I am just getting the chance. Why not do it now!

Step 4: Deja Vu All Over Again

In many ways, applying as a transfer is very much like applying as an incoming freshman. You are new, you will be watched. But I dont have to worry about being watched as much. Literally everyone knows me at that school so I am covered.

Step 5: Hit the Books

Yeah, I start at a new school, but that doesnt mean I should start slacking. Considering all my courses are Media and Computers, I cannot slack and I mustn’t. It will be intersting, but I cannot slack off. That is the worst think that could happen.

Step 6: Research
I spent alot of time researching on other schools to go to.  I thought of schools in Toronto, London, Woodstock and Aylmer. Its a hrad choice trying to pick what school you should go to. There are alot of things you have to consider when tranferring. Do they have the courses you need? What do they offer? How many students? What is the curriculum like? Etc. It is a big deal. Make sure you pick the right one!

Step 7: Money Matters
Find out from each of your prospective schools what sort of financial aid you can expect as a transfer. If you have any questions, call the financial aid office and be aggressive with your questions. Since I live in a different county that this school, I might have to pay tuition just to go to this school. (which sucks buts its life) Make sure about the money matter. This goes for any school or college.

Step 8: It’s All About Perspective
Remember: transferring doesn’t mean you failed at one school. It just means you want another perpective on it. It means you probably had success at one school and you want to go to another for another challenge.

Take this opportunity to consider your opportunities. Are you in college or High school and want to transfer? Talk to someone about it. But look at the steps first. Make sure you are making the right decision.

{January 16, 2008}   Pain the answer to everything?

Well, where do I start today. Yesterday, I got in a fight with a friend.. like with fists.. kinda lol and well.. she closepinned me.. but lifted me up and then threw me on the ground.. they felt the ground shake as i fell.. it hurt.. alot.. she did beat me up lol.. that is definitly for sure! Today, i am in soooo much pain. i can’t even move my neck. I can’t yawn. It hurts. Bah humbug! They say that pain in the answer to everything… my butt..

{January 15, 2008}   Fly away home?

So there are alot of things going on lately. I am tranferring schools in about a week, I am moving soon to another town and then I am supposedly moving to England and working there for about two months and then moving to Florida for school. Its like I have just become the traveller for the family (not to mention we would be driving to Florida and going through 6 states).

 Travelling is one thing I love to do and I could do it for the rest of my life. It is just so much fun! I have been travelling on my own since I was eight years old.  When I was eight, I travelled to New Brunswick from Ontario by myself. It was  actaully nine because it was in 1999 when i travelled and when the had the plane strike where i was still in New Brunswick. It was great for me, but bad for the parents.. oh well..

Anyways, I should go. I am supposed to be working at shcool so I will talk later..


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