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{January 22, 2008}   An Eye For an Eye??

So, I was in a little shpeel yesterday (is that how you spell it??) I was on my spare and somehow we got on the topic of something rather and it became a game and we started to throw things at each other. More or less, we threw rings, pencils, and hard things.. it did hurt after a while.. but then out of the blue, when i was sitting on the table, and a pencil flew at my head. of course, out of defence, she ran away… well when she came back, she got a slap to the head as a joke and what does she do back?? She shoves me into the foosball table and the popped out stick that moves the characters jabbed me in the gut up by my ribs.. of course, it hurt.. ALOT and now the girl isnt talking to me..

 Yeah, I have a bruise.. but it was all fun and games.. she can apologize.. i am not going to mawl her (yet:P)

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