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{January 24, 2008}   Accidental Death? He did what?

So, geez where do I start.

On Tuesday, I was asked to go for a ride with a friend after school then he would drop me off at work becuase I had to work. Turns out work was cancelled becuase of the blizzard but that didnt stop us from going cruising. So, my friend and I went out cruising on the roads and to our surprise, they were much more slipprier than we thought they were and the car was in front wheel drive so.. you know.. um.. he tried doing some drifting and we ended up in the ditch and we almost rolled the car. That was quiet fun.. heh heh.

Then, we decided to go to Tim Hortins and get a coffee and we headed back to his house afterwards. So we watched Grandmas Boy and American Gangster and then had supper at his house then headed to the theatre to watch Cloverfeild BUT cloverfeild was having technical difficulties so we watched 27 dresses.. great movie! I made a guy sit through it! It was great!! And that was the exitment for Tuesday!!

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