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{March 1, 2008}   I’ve had a bad day.. wait no… week(s)

Wow.. I have no idea where to start on this. Its a tough one. Some people might think that I am over protected or worry to much. Some people think I am too clingy, but I am sorry. That is how I roll. I cant help what I do. I cant help how I feel.

Last Sunday. I got the say off. It would be my last sunday with my brother in law and sister in law. Mom and dad would be coming home soon. Happy as can be. I finished all my homework. Nothing to worry about.

Last Monday. Well, I had to go to work. I get there and my boss is there. Where is Alicia? I am supposed to work with my favourite pal. Oh, she must be sick. My boss, Dorothy has a concerned look on her face. “I tried to reach you” she said. A pause. “What happened?Where is Alicia?” I ask now worried. “She got in a really bad car accident” I gasp. “OMG is she ok?” I ask almost in tears. “She is in the hospital in London.” I start crying. “She wont be out for at least three months.” She said. I hold onto the counter. My friend, who is like a sister is in the hospital. I was scared. I already lost one sister. I dont want to lose another one. I went home. I couldnt work. My boss drove me home. I sat and cried at home.

Last Tuesday. Cant stop thinking about Alicia. Hoping she is ok. I get in touch with Brittany, Alicias sister and gave her a message to give to Alicia. Homework from school. Lots of it. Kept me really busy and up late.

Last Wednesday. I get a response from Brittany. She is doing ‘fine’. She loved the message. Lots of homework from school. Up late again.

Last Thursday. Nothing happened. Boring. Still thinking about Alicia.

Last Friday. Alicia is home!! A miracle. She is home and doing ‘fine’. Wow. That is amazing! Happy but still sad, because I wont be working with her.

Last Saturday. Working with Keisha at work. Wishing Alicia was there.

And so on.. I just found out that she wont be able to walk for at least 5 months which really sucks because I miss her alot.

Lets see.. what else.. OH YEAH.. mom and dad got home from their cruise. Well, it made headlines. 100 poeple and 6 crew members became ill. Great. Guess what. Mom was one of them. But thats not all. Dad has a hernia. GREAT! My friend almost died and now my dad has a hernia? NO!

Hm.. school is fine i guess.. its hard to concentrate but i am able to do it. Its hard to say what my marks are at right now. I could care less. I know I am doing well though. I have handed everything in, so I am good.

Well, thats it for now. I have a bunch more to say.. but oh well.. i am tired of writing.. talk to you later.

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