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{February 21, 2008}   Say what??

ok, so I am on the go right now, so i cant write alot. Right now, it is 6:48am in the morning and I am waiting for the shower. How lame. I have to be eating breakfast at 7am and hopefully out by 7:15 and driving to the bus stop. There, I will buy my hot chocolate and wait with the other kids for the bus that will then take us to courtland, which we then transfer to anohter bus and stop in langton and go on from there to my school. Apporximate time of both busrides:1.5 hours. The time is takes to drive straight there: 15 minutes. The ride on the bus: Priceless. We have soo much fun on the bus. Imean, yesterday I was playing bloody knuckles and yeah.. something happened to my hand and now it is swollen! How nice!

Lets see.. mom and dad are not in town right now. They decided to go on a cruise to Mexico this year.. i dont remember where they went last year.. was it Hawaii?? Oh well, I dont remember :S

School is going great. you know.. half the school knows me now.. its great! My classes are drafting, art design and yearbook class. Great classes!

Anyways I have to go! I am a bit late on schedule today!

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