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{January 17, 2008}   My 8 Step Guide to Transferring

So, its getting closer each day for me transferring schools. I am exited, nervous, hopeful and happy all at the same time. I mean, yes, I am going to miss everyone here and it is going to be different because the school is smaller and I am going to have to take a bus as well. Anyways, here is my 8 step guide to transferring:

 Step 1: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Dum dum dee dum.. it reminds me of the song haha. Should I stay at Glendale High because I have bad influence, or should I go to another school and start over new? Hmm.. that is a big question. I have had that in my mind for a long time and after lots of questioning it, its worth the move.

Step 2: Some Good Reasons

Some good reasons on transferring. Well, I do have alot of friends at Valley (the school I am tranferring to) and they have better opportunities and better courses. I know it will be better to go to another school. Yes, I only have one semester left until I graduate, but I am willing to change schools if it takes me failing one exam.

Step 3: Is It the Right Time?

Is there any other better time? I am leaving after school and I wont be back so why not just do it now. I have wanted to change schools for a while, and now I am just getting the chance. Why not do it now!

Step 4: Deja Vu All Over Again

In many ways, applying as a transfer is very much like applying as an incoming freshman. You are new, you will be watched. But I dont have to worry about being watched as much. Literally everyone knows me at that school so I am covered.

Step 5: Hit the Books

Yeah, I start at a new school, but that doesnt mean I should start slacking. Considering all my courses are Media and Computers, I cannot slack and I mustn’t. It will be intersting, but I cannot slack off. That is the worst think that could happen.

Step 6: Research
I spent alot of time researching on other schools to go to.  I thought of schools in Toronto, London, Woodstock and Aylmer. Its a hrad choice trying to pick what school you should go to. There are alot of things you have to consider when tranferring. Do they have the courses you need? What do they offer? How many students? What is the curriculum like? Etc. It is a big deal. Make sure you pick the right one!

Step 7: Money Matters
Find out from each of your prospective schools what sort of financial aid you can expect as a transfer. If you have any questions, call the financial aid office and be aggressive with your questions. Since I live in a different county that this school, I might have to pay tuition just to go to this school. (which sucks buts its life) Make sure about the money matter. This goes for any school or college.

Step 8: It’s All About Perspective
Remember: transferring doesn’t mean you failed at one school. It just means you want another perpective on it. It means you probably had success at one school and you want to go to another for another challenge.

Take this opportunity to consider your opportunities. Are you in college or High school and want to transfer? Talk to someone about it. But look at the steps first. Make sure you are making the right decision.

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